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How Dense is Your Information? Critical understanding to get the most out of Big Data

To appreciate what it takes to get the most out of Big Data let’s look at what Big Data is and “information density”. Information density is the amount of valuable information per byte of data.

What is Big Data?

Big data is typically data from sources that are collecting interactions of people or…


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Providing Zero Wait Information does not always mean real-time

Choosing the Right Data Movement to minimize wait

We all want a zero wait infrastructure. This has spurred many organization to push all data through real-time infrastructure. Unfortunately I’ve seen the mistaken point of view that real-time is the “modern” solution and batch is the “old way”. But both batch and real time processing are very old they both exist for a reason. It is important to determine the nature…


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How much does your data weigh? Business Improvement via Data Metrics

Measurement can be key to improving data.  But, there are too many potential measures when it comes to data.  Every column, every row, every table, every relationship can be measured.  And that does not even get into the possibilities of metadata or data quality.  With all these possibilities coming up with a measurement scheme can seem too costly.  And…


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