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Nature (and Data) Abhors a Vacuum, By Kevin Sonsky

By Kevin Sonsky, Senior Director, Business Intelligence at Citrix Systems.  

If there is a gap, something will fill it.

I’ve always liked the “plumbing” analogy often used in Data and BI circles.  You know the one.  You’ve got the main “pipe” line coming from the city water system which can represent all of your enterprise data.  And then you’ve got the water pipes for the house branching out from the main line and going into each individual room or wing of the house…


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Data Governance for Improving Patient Care, by Terri Mikol, UPMC

Data analytics in healthcare should be easier.  We will never find the cure to cancer if everyone who has a data question has to call IT to request help obtaining and interpreting data.

I often wonder if I should admit that I have worked with data in the healthcare industry for 26 years.  I have dedicated most of my career to transforming raw data into valuable…


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Governing Big Data, by Barbara Latulippe, EMC

With increasingly complexity and challenges of Big Data systems,  governance is a critical foundation for realizing the value from big data and accelerating the time to find critical data for decision making.  Our Big Data Governance  is part of our broader information governance program which leveraged our current operational governance and scaled…


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The Hawthorne Effect, Helter Skelter, and Data Governance by Jim Harris

In his book The Half-life of Facts: Why Everything We Know Has an Expiration Date, Samuel Arbesman introduced me to the Hawthorne Effect, which is “when subjects behave differently if they know they are being studied. The effect was named after what happened in a factory called Hawthorne Works outside Chicago…


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Programmer Bob by Julie Lockner

Verizon recently blogged about one of its clients who caught an employee outsourcing his software development day job to China. While sitting at his computer working a normal day, he paid someone else to log into his computer using his physical RSA token which he FeExed to the contractor in Shenyang. He would spend the day surfing the internet while…


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Data Quality and Anton’s Syndrome by Jim Harris of OCDQ Blog

In his book Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain, David Eagleman discussed aspects of a bizarre, and rare, brain disorder called Anton’s Syndrome in which a stroke renders a person blind — but the person denies their blindness.

“Those with Anton’s Syndrome truly believe they…


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How to Map Data Governance Policies to Business Processes by Sunil Soares

Business process management and data governance are beginning to converge. Data governance practitioners need to take advantage of this trend for the following reasons:

  • Address data at the source – Data stewards can use data profiling tools and data quality scorecards to uncover issues with the underlying data.…

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Breaking through the Cassandra Complex by Richard North (Musings of a Data Geek)

So we all know about the Cassandra Complex from a previous post? Take time to read it. Done that? Good! So here is part two - getting your colleagues to believe in what you are saying, and act on your requests.

When you work in a…


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