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Before using Big Data, you need to extract Web Data

Nowadays, big data is not new to us. Some of us use big data almost everyday, but how to  extract web data that is high-volume in a short time? we will talk something about it.


Advances in data gathering, computing power and connectivity mean that we have more information than ever before at our fingertips. IBM estimates that by 2020 there will be 300 times more information in the world than there…


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Nature (and Data) Abhors a Vacuum, By Kevin Sonsky

By Kevin Sonsky, Senior Director, Business Intelligence at Citrix Systems.  

If there is a gap, something will fill it.

I’ve always liked the “plumbing” analogy often used in Data and BI circles.  You know the one.  You’ve got the main “pipe” line coming from the city water system which can represent all of your enterprise data.  And then you’ve got the water pipes for the house branching out from the main line and going into each individual room or wing of the house…


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How Dense is Your Information? Critical understanding to get the most out of Big Data

To appreciate what it takes to get the most out of Big Data let’s look at what Big Data is and “information density”. Information density is the amount of valuable information per byte of data.

What is Big Data?

Big data is typically data from sources that are collecting interactions of people or…


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Gartner indicated that by 2017, 33% of the largest global companies will experience an information crisis due to their inability to adequately value, govern and trust their enterprise information. In addition, data quality impacts business driven initiatives by only achieving 40% of the anticipated business value from projects and impacts labor productivity by 20%. To address information quality, usage, and maximize the…


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Data Governance for Improving Patient Care, by Terri Mikol, UPMC

Data analytics in healthcare should be easier.  We will never find the cure to cancer if everyone who has a data question has to call IT to request help obtaining and interpreting data.

I often wonder if I should admit that I have worked with data in the healthcare industry for 26 years.  I have dedicated most of my career to transforming raw data into valuable…


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Governing Big Data, by Barbara Latulippe, EMC

With increasingly complexity and challenges of Big Data systems,  governance is a critical foundation for realizing the value from big data and accelerating the time to find critical data for decision making.  Our Big Data Governance  is part of our broader information governance program which leveraged our current operational governance and scaled…


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Providing Zero Wait Information does not always mean real-time

Choosing the Right Data Movement to minimize wait

We all want a zero wait infrastructure. This has spurred many organization to push all data through real-time infrastructure. Unfortunately I’ve seen the mistaken point of view that real-time is the “modern” solution and batch is the “old way”. But both batch and real time processing are very old they both exist for a reason. It is important to determine the nature…


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How much does your data weigh? Business Improvement via Data Metrics

Measurement can be key to improving data.  But, there are too many potential measures when it comes to data.  Every column, every row, every table, every relationship can be measured.  And that does not even get into the possibilities of metadata or data quality.  With all these possibilities coming up with a measurement scheme can seem too costly.  And…


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Over 2/3 of the Product Pages at Major eCommerce Sites Have Faulty Data

Clavis Technology recently conducted a study showing significant problems with the integrity of product information available on 17 of the largest online consumer goods stores in North America. The study found that over two-thirds of the product pages evaluated suffered from significant gaps in the quality of product information.

When choosing a product in a traditional store a consumer can pick it up and read the packaging before making a choice; but in the online domain they rely…


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Data Lineage and Horse Meat - A Cautionary Tale (Musings of a Data Geek)

Recently, laboratories in Ireland discovered that some of their processed beef contained horse meat. The public were outraged, and the Food Standards Agency insisted that all retail sold processed beef in the UK was DNA tested for horse meat. Some high profile branded processed beef products have been found to contain 100% horse meat. 
Now the general public are very concerned that they have been eating food that could…

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The Hawthorne Effect, Helter Skelter, and Data Governance by Jim Harris

In his book The Half-life of Facts: Why Everything We Know Has an Expiration Date, Samuel Arbesman introduced me to the Hawthorne Effect, which is “when subjects behave differently if they know they are being studied. The effect was named after what happened in a factory called Hawthorne Works outside Chicago…


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Programmer Bob by Julie Lockner

Verizon recently blogged about one of its clients who caught an employee outsourcing his software development day job to China. While sitting at his computer working a normal day, he paid someone else to log into his computer using his physical RSA token which he FeExed to the contractor in Shenyang. He would spend the day surfing the internet while…


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BI Centralisation - The Governance Challenges by Richard Northwood - Musings of a Data Geek

Many organisations are looking to build Business Intelligence competency centres, by pooling resources, systems and processes into one area. This has many advantages. But you may encounter some fierce opposition to your plans. Here are the top reasons why people will oppose your plans:


Added by Richard on February 3, 2013 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

Logitech MDM Case Study: Live Questions, Answers and Attendee Poll Results

Last week, I posted this blog:  Logitech MDM Case Study: Seven Lessons for Mastering Product and Customer Data (Part I of II) which shares highlights from recent webinar. Logitech’s Severin Stoll, Senior Business Engagement Manager of Global IT Solutions spoke with David Decloux, MDM technical lead in EMEA about Logitech’s…


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Data Quality and Anton’s Syndrome by Jim Harris of OCDQ Blog

In his book Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain, David Eagleman discussed aspects of a bizarre, and rare, brain disorder called Anton’s Syndrome in which a stroke renders a person blind — but the person denies their blindness.

“Those with Anton’s Syndrome truly believe they…


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Joining data - an ethical question

As the olympics drew to a close, the business of collating and analysing the data began in earnest. Take for instance the medal table. There has already been some interesting statistics emerging.
When you looked at the normal medal table, ordered by medal count, you see the usuals at the top - China, USA etc. But when you cross-reference the medal volumes against each country's population size, you get a very different view. As a measure of medals per capita, New Zealand are top…

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Managing the mavericks

Centralising specialist functions within a large organisation is generally the best way of ensuring that operations are run in a consistent and professional manner. For IT related functions, this is vital. Departments that are entirely focused on non-data goals like sales, manufacturing or customer services may easily become disillusioned by the IT department and what they see as excessive time, cost and red tape. This gives rise to a phenomenon I have named "the data…

Added by Richard on December 16, 2012 at 4:31am — 1 Comment

How to Map Data Governance Policies to Business Processes by Sunil Soares

Business process management and data governance are beginning to converge. Data governance practitioners need to take advantage of this trend for the following reasons:

  • Address data at the source – Data stewards can use data profiling tools and data quality scorecards to uncover issues with the underlying data.…

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Breaking through the Cassandra Complex by Richard North (Musings of a Data Geek)

So we all know about the Cassandra Complex from a previous post? Take time to read it. Done that? Good! So here is part two - getting your colleagues to believe in what you are saying, and act on your requests.

When you work in a…


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