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Sharing data from GovernYourData.com Poll Question!

As promised, I'm sharing the data from our first poll question, which was "What is the primary business driver encouraging your organization to consider data governance?"

I thought the results were fascinating.  I often hear that conventional wisdom assumes most organizations take on data governance to support regulatory compliance.  And almost as often I hear many start their data governance journey as part of a BI or data warehousing effort to improve decisions.  

You can see from the results below that yes - improving decisions and supporting governance, risk and compliance efforts are important for many - 38% of respondents at least.  But a whopping 40% actually report their data governance efforts primarily focus on improving business agility and efficiency.    

I personally see this as an excellent indicator that data governance is "growing up!"

Of course 50 responses is interesting, but certainly not statistically relevant enough to represent the whole market.  So what do you think of these results?  Any surprises?

And don't forget to take our new poll on the GovernYourData.com home page asking what strength provides the greatest influence for your data governance program!

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