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Information Governance or Data Governance?

Which do you prefer and why - Information Governance and Data Governance?  What do you see as the difference(s) (if any) between the two?  Thanks!

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Information Governance - Data Governance is typically focused on master data, information governance focuses on all the data use in our data lake.  The business wants intelligent information, more success selling it this way...data is too IT centric.

Dennis, Informatica's John Schmidt answers this exact question in a blog post:




Context Matters

Information Governance and Data Governance are interchangeable. Although Data Governance is the more commonly used term in the industry, "IT DOES NOT DRIVE DATA GOVERNANCE". IT is a contributor. Data Governance commonly encompasses practices including MDM, BI, Data Integration, and Data Design. Although Information and Data Governance is only successful when there is a strong business driver and participation.

Information Governance and Data Governance are different (and it's quite well explained in the blog posted in this topic).

Data Governance is about e.g.: how long to keep the data - while information governance is about the actual data in context, the conceptual and derived logical data model being applied (in order to be mapped to physical data models), the definition & business rules,... - basically on the level of most of your discussions with the business (although the business can also have input to some data gov. rules).

Anyway - too often data and information are mixed, not only by practitioners, but also (and unfortunately) by some Int'l standards and frameworks... .

One tip: talk to the business about "Information" - data is often a "conversation killer" and in essence not that surprising... .

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