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DG Maturity Benchmark Reporting Now Available on GovernYourData!

GovernYourData.com has released some great new features.
With 100 completed Data Governance maturity assessments and growing, we can now provide extremely valuable benchmark reporting capabilities for you.  As with all resources on GovernYourData.com, this reporting is free of charge.
The benchmark reporting includes:
1) Summarized Maturity Benchmarks. Before you even take the Data Governance Maturity Assessment, you can view DG maturity benchmarks for all completed assessments by industry, region and company size.
2) Benchmark your assessment.  Once you complete the DG maturity assessment, you can compare how your total maturity score compares to others in your industry, region and company size.
3) Benchmark each of your individual responses. From your completed DG Maturity Assessment report, you can now generate an additional "Detailed Benchmark" report comparing how each of your responses on the DG maturity assessment survey compares to all other responses, as well as those in your industry, region and company size.

We hope you enjoy these new capabilities, and as always we welcome any suggestions or feedback!

Best regards,

Rob Karel

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