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Data Governance for the Governing: Coming Soon, or Already Here?

I just returned from Washington DC where I met with one of our public sector/government customers.  From years of research and personal experience, I've observed an overall lower level of data governance maturity and momentum for non-commercial entities vs. commercial, for-profit industries.

That said, interest in"data governance for the governing" definitely seems to be picking up, especially in the most highly regulated and "observed" government agencies that require the most transparency, auditability and have massive dependencies on data (e.g., think agencies responsible for our money and our security/defense). 

Any thoughts on whether we'll be seeing more focus on data governance from our governments?

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Interesting enough, there is a similar trend in the  UK - particularly in the finance sector. When the Financial Services Authority moved away from 'prescriptive' to 'principles' based legislation, it left many wondering where to draw the line. Everyone is now looking for ways to 'firm up' these principles into clear actions and measurable outcomes. One of the ways to do this is through the application of good data governance and data management. 

I have also noted in my other roles that large outsourcing of IT functions often leaves provision gaps, with the business assuming that the outsourced IT is managing the data, and the outsourcing company assuming their responsibilities as being merely 'pipeline'.

So data governance is being looked upon to 'take up the slack' between the regulator, the business, and it's outsourced functions - removing ambiguity, ensuring there are no provision gaps and that all are sure of what they are responsible and accountable for.

Thanks Richard, a great example of why we may expect to see more and more public sector entities embracing (grudgingly or not) data governance best practices.

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