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Data Governance White Papers

Holistic Data Governance: A Framework for Competitive Advantage - By Informatica

The goal of data governance is not just to clarify who “owns” data but also to optimize its value. The data itself
is merely the means to the desired end of improved business performance. Accordingly, the responsibility for
data governance efforts should fall at least as much on business as it does on IT—and preferably more.
This paper is intended to help data governance evangelists in both business and IT generate the momentum
they need to make data governance an enterprise-wide priority.

Navigating the Data Governance Landscape: Analysis of How to Start a Data Governance Program - By Dataversity

This report analyzes many challenges faced when beginning a new Data Governance program, and outlines many crucial elements in successfully executing such a program. “Data Governance” is a term fraught with nuance, misunderstanding, myriad opinions, and fear. It is often enough to keep Data Stewards and senior executives awake late into the night. The modern enterprise needs reliable and sustainable control over its technological systems, business processes, and data assets. Such control is tantamount to competitive success in an ever-changing marketplace driven by the exponential growth of data, mobile computing, social networking, the need for real-time analytics and reporting mechanisms, and increasing regulatory compliance requirements. Data Governance can enhance and buttress (or resuscitate, if needed) the strategic and tactical business drivers every enterprise needs for market success. 

Why Your Business Users Need to Love Metadata - By ASG

This white paper focuses on the importance of getting your organization’s business users to understand the reasons why metadata is essential to them. It discusses the importance of data to a business’ health overall, presents some astounding numbers about the growth of data in the world, and explains metadata in non-technical terms. It examines how metadata is crucial to making better business decisions, enabling business processes, supporting data governance, and presents two real world business profiles to provide down to earth examples. Metadata is not some philosophical construct discussed in the back rooms of IT departments; metadata is the glue that holds together the wealth of an enterprise, its data.

Governance From The Ground Up - By SAP

This white paper discusses how the data conversation is changing from philosophical questioning to hard-core tactics, from “What do we need?” to “Where do we start?” It describes the components of information governance that inform the right strategy, and – more important – give companies a means of determining where and how to begin their information governance journeys.

Metadata Management for Holistic Data Governance - By Informatica

Key to successful data governance is the management of metadata—the frame of reference giving data its
context and meaning. Effectively governed metadata provides a view into the flow of data, the ability to perform
an impact analysis, a common business vocabulary and accountability for its terms and definitions, and finally
an audit trail for compliance. The management of metadata becomes an important capability enabling IT
to oversee changes while delivering trusted, secure data in a complex data integration environment. Good
metadata management tools, then, play a central role in holistic data governance.

Data Governance for Master Data Management and Beyond - By David Loshin (Sponsor: SAS/DataFlux)

This paper helps inform those organizations interested in developing a master data management program regarding the methods that should be used to govern the program once it is in place.

Seven Reasons Why Master Data Management Needs Data Governance - By TDWI

Many of the challenges to master data management (MDM) are organizational and collaborative issues—not technical ones. Luckily, many of MDM’s challenges can be remedied by a well-designed and mature program for data governance (DG).  There are good technology and business reasons why master data management needs data governance. This TDWI Checklist Report drills into seven of these reasons as well as use cases and organizational situations where DG and MDM work well together.

Using Data Quality to Start and Sustain Data Governance - By TDWI

This TDWI Checklist Report makes a case for applying data quality (DQ) techniques and best practices to data governance (DG) as a way of kick-starting and sustaining data governance.

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