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Data Governance - Effectiveness KPI

Started by Kumar Apr 27. 0 Replies

IMO there are 2 aspects to measure DG Effectivenessa. Implementation, Adoption and Conformance (Progress)b. Outcome (Business Value, Process Improvement etc.)What KPIs are generally used under each category (specially in pharma sector)? Lets be cognizant that KPIs should be measureable and not just mentioned because some white paper or expert has mentioned it.Any examples or pointers to any online resources will be very helpful.Thanks,AnkitContinue

Tags: DG, IG, metric, KPI, Governance

Is it possible to have 100% trust in your data

Started by John. Last reply by John Apr 4. 8 Replies

I’ve been having discussions in recent months with colleagues about what it means to trust your data.  If trust is an important element, then we should be able to take it beyond a qualitative definition. In other words, what exactly does it mean to “trust” data in concrete terms. My conclusion is that in order to trust data you need four things: Transparency, Accountability, Verification and Change Control. These words sound like “motherhood and apple pie”, so let’s get more…Continue


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Kevin Sonsky

Citrix Systems

Sr. Director, Business Intelligence

Skills Summary

Kevin has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, business intelligence, analytics, performance management and reporting.  He joined Citrix in 1999 working in a variety of corporate finance roles, including Corporate Controller. As a leader in the finance department, Kevin drives business intelligence strategy and governance initiatives throughout the company.  

Connect with Kevin, and read his blog, "Nature (and Data) Abhors a Vacuum".


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